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What is Integrative Rheumatology?

Despite the scientific evidence, traditional medicine pays short shrift to lifestyle in treating rheumatic diseases.  In my practice, I take the time to give you lifestyle strategies to improve your health, and ability to "self heal".    This might be in conjunction with traditional medication.    I am not able to prescribe traditional rheumatology disease modifying medications since one has to have a support staff and lab facilities to do this but can work in parallel with your primary care provider or rheumatologist to complement your care.    I am happy to discuss this with you for a free 15 minute consultation to better explain this approach with you and see if it fits your needs.    

I am using Low Dose Naltrexone to see if that may help reduce inflammation and allow one to reduce use of other traditional medications.   I can also integrate knowledge of your genetic information and supplement suggestions  with your treatment to see if this focused knowledge might help bring your illness into remission or better control.