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It is felt that about 30% of our health is related to our genetic predispositions but the rest (70%) of our health might be related to what our genes are exposed to.  In other words, to our environment including the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, as well to all the toxins that we are exposed to.   This is called epigenetics.  By understanding the “weak links” in our genes (mutations, or genetic variances) we might be able to make life style changes or take supplements that would “work around” some of these weak links.    We also might be motivated to make changes in our nutrition or lifestyle to try and prevent genetic tendencies that we are concerned about.      

What is Genetic Variance Review?

One can get an overview of ones genes through companies like 23andMe.  The “raw data” can then be downloaded into user friendly programs and reviewed.    I am happy to do this with you.   I suggest a couple of different programs one can use.    

While not a geneticist, I have experience with looking at the big picture to see if this approach might be useful in understanding your current health problems or might lead to insights into prevention of future illnesses.