Origins Health and Wellness, LLC

Functional medicine is an approach to health that looks for the root causes of a person’s illness. This includes core imbalances, which can be restored through nutrition, detoxification, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.    My role as a practitioner of functional medicine is to empower people to understand and take charge of their own health using nutrition and other strategies to correct imbalances.     Words that commonly describe Functional Medicine include:       

Health Oriented                                                                                                              Individualized Approach
Understands the Interconnectivity of The Organ Systems                   Cost Effective
Identifying the Root Cause of Symptoms                                                         Preventative Approach
High Touch / High Tech                                                                                                Patient Centered

How do I use Functional Medicine in my practice?     

I work with patients with mild cognitive impairment and early dementia using a combination of Functional Medicine practices and traditional medication in a specific protocol called MEND through Muses Labs.    The goal is to see if these suggestions will improve memory or halt or delay progression of this illness.    

I offer lifestyle suggestions for healthy eating for your particular health issues, for good sleep, and for exercise and stress reduction based on your limitations, age, and current health profile.  


What is Functional Medicine?