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What conditions  may respond to microcurrent therapy?

Achilles Tendonitis                                                             Nerve Pain

Adhesions                                                                               Peripheral neuropathy
Anxiety                                                                                     Post-herpetic neuralgia
Asthma                                                                                     Post-surgical pain
Bronchis                                                                                  Post traumatic stress disorder

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                                Restless leg syndrome
Concussions                                                                          Scar tissue
Depression                                                                             Sciatica

Disc pain                                                                                  Shingles and  recurrent virusus

Emotional issues                                                                 Sinusitis
Fibromyalgia with cervical injury                               Sports injuries
Fibrosis                                                                                    Sprains
Fractures                                                                                Strains
Frozen Shoulder                                                                 Stress fractures

Gout                                                                                          Tendon injuries
Irritable Bowel Syndrome                                             Tennis elbow
Headaches                                                                             Tension headache
Head injuries                                                                         Ulcer healing
Herpes virus                                                                          Vulvodynia
Kidney stone pain                                                               Whiplash injuries
Ligament injury                                                                    Wound healing
Muscle pain


Call us and discuss if frequency specific microcurrent therapy might be something that may help your condition.      

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)?

This is an intervention for injury, pain, inflammation and other disturbances in the body.    The general premise of this therapy is that each tissue in the body produces electromagnetic energy and resonates at a specific frequency.    When cells in the body are injured or diseased, the vibrational frequency of the electrons are disrupted in that tissue. Conditions  such as inflammation, stress, shock, injury, toxicity, etc., also respond to different frequencies.    FSM matches the frequency of the the tissue involved with the presumed condition going on with that tissue and delivers 2 channels of microcurrent therapy.   This treatment is not painful and the patient can sit in a chair or lie on an exam table as it is being delivered.